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Vulture CSS alpha 8

Remove dead css from your style sheets

Fast websites make happy visitors. Vulture CSS analyzes the home page and up to 10 additional pages of your website and removes unused CSS from CSS files to improve performance. All this, of course, will be done without changing the websites’ appearance.

At the moment, Vulture CSS does not search for CSS rules in javascript files, but we are already working to implement it.


To clean the CSS directly from the HML code use our WEB tool.



Enter the url of your web site, optionally you can click on "add pages" to insert other pages of the same site, and press START. Wait for the process to finish on the next page, then download the CSS files with the only rules you need.



This tool is free and without advertising, we only ask you to report any errors or suggestions after use.


Why Vulture CSS?

The CSS itself is a great thing, a great invention. It defines the formatting of HTML documents, it helps in improving websites, and it is easy to use. Nevertheless, by its nature, it makes it difficult to maintain the stylesheets by creating duplications or rules which are unnecessary or no longer used.

Furthermore, over the past few years, the use of CSS ready library is increased. Examples of such libraries are Bootstrap or font-awesome, which overload the websites with dozens or hundreds of useless CSS rules. In addition, if we consider that access to Internet websites increasingly occurs through smartphones and tablets and that the time of the download and rendering of the websites themselves are crucial, it is obvious why it is necessary to have light and quick websites in order to improve their performances.

What Vulture CSS will be

Vulture CSS will be a low-cost tool, easy to use, and accessible via Internet, which will analyze Internet websites in such a way that it will remove all the unused CSS found in external files or documents in order to merge duplicate rules, to report any errors and suggestions, to minimize all style sheets found, and, eventually, to bring them together. All this, of course, will be done without changing the websites’ appearance.