Image CDN with Image Resize

Save and serve your pictures through our CDN. Use this tool to save and/or resize your images quickly and easily.

Real-time image processing CDN with smart resize

The images saved in our CDN can be resized even later in real time. Simply setting the width and height in query string, as in these examples:




API-based tool

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This tool is based on our APIs, it allows you to test the functionality of our services without the use of scripts.
To use it you must be a registered user or provide a valid API key, you can find the complete documentation here:

Each request will be counted and added to your daily quota.
To view the daily limits, you can see this page.

Successfully saved

Your test is reachable at the url:
Please note: your apikey is never saved.

Build your test

Use your api key or sign up for free at to get one.


Leave the fields empty to keep the original size

For complete documentation and for more information about this service visit: