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.Maui Placeholder

.Maui Placeholder generates custom placeholder images on the fly with free CDN and HTTPS support.


How To Use

Just specify the necessary parameters after our URL https://cdn.dotmaui.com/ph/. All parameters are optional.

Specify the image size with the size parameter
https://cdn.dotmaui.com/ph/?size=250 Copy to clipboard View
https://cdn.dotmaui.com/ph/?size=250x250 Copy to clipboard View
To set background and/or text color you can specify the parameters bg and color. Colors are represented as hex codes
https://cdn.dotmaui.com/ph/?size=250x250&bg=FF0000&color=FFFFFF Copy to clipboard View
To set text you can specify the parameters text
https://cdn.dotmaui.com/ph/?bg=375A7F&color=ffffff&text=.Maui%20is%20awesome Copy to clipboard View
You can use the following image file extensions png, gif, jpg or jpeg. To set text you can specify the parameters type, default is png
https://cdn.dotmaui.com/ph/?type=jpg Copy to clipboard View