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Welcome to .Maui

Web Tools

The .Maui Web Tools are a set of web free tools built for helping you build a better and more efficient Website. Includes Minify/Beautify for Javascript, CSS and HTML, Sitemap Generator and much more.


On dotmaui.com you will find tutorials, examples, scripts, and safe software to download. If you have any interesting idea to want to share please contact us and we will publish it for you on our blog.

Developer API

All tools are or will be equipped with developer API. All APIs are free and have a daily request limit, but this limit can be increased with the premium plan. If you have ideas for useful API contact us, we will develop.

  • 2018-11-19: We have updated APIs for the CDN service, now you can get information of a single file or delete a single file.
    We have also created the API-based tool to test new features without the need for scripting.

    Try it now!

  • 2018-11-13: Every day you are more and more to use our minimizers, we know that you appreciate them a lot because they are fast, reliable, free, without ads or tracking. That's why we have updated them all to improve their reliability!
    Thank you all.

  • It's Ads free - You will never see annoying advertisements on dotmaui.com
  • It's safe - We only use the HTTPS protocol and we do not ask for your personal information.
  • It's fast - We have a 100% score in PageSpeed Insights and, if possible, we use client-side tools.
  • It's growing - Tons of tools for developers are under construction.
  • It's Open Idea - We accept ideas and suggestions for our tools or to create new ones.

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